Can I make a reservation on a product?

No. These are handmade products (only made by one person) , so there are only very limited quantities produced. In order to be fair to everyone, I am not accepting reservations.

Do you make customs orders?

No. As I am the only one behind Ma Sorcière Potière, I currently do not have the ability to produce custom orders.

Do you ship worldwide?

Only Canada and U.S.A at the moment. Temporary closed to Europe.

When is the next restock?

Making pottery is a very long process. It's a slow handmade art, so I launch restocks every 1-3 months (depending on the collection and quantity). If you want to make sure to not miss a drop on my shop, follow me @masorcierepotiere on Instagram. It is the best way to be informed of the next dates. I am on a daily basis active on instagram, so you can learn more about the production and creative process of my art.

Where are you based?

I am currently in Montreal, QC CANADA (I am a french canadian, if you were wondering my accent haha).

Are the pottery pieces microwave safe?


Are the pottery pieces dishwasher safe?

Yes it is safe, BUT if you want to keep a nice finish of the gold and iridescent effect you better handwash your magic pieces. 

How can I take good care of my ceramics?

For better chance of a longer ceramic life:

- Avoid thermal shock

- Handwash

- No microwave

Are you a real Witch? 


You can check out my Policies for more informations at the buttom of the home page. Thank you my Witches!